Thursday, November 02, 2006


Jobs that won't go away...

Today is November 2nd (Thursday)...

Had an interesting chat with Roger over here at WM. With the unemployment rate being as low (or high) as it is, Roger and I discussed what jobs in America that will not disappear or go away.

A Grocery Store employee - As long as there is food, there will be grocery stores. If, in fact, the country does run out of food, the grocery store employee will need to seek employment elsewhere. This is highly implausible though since the human being's desire of food is high enough to warrant a grocery store. Now, if you lived in the wild like Jeremiah Johnson or the Survivors, the chances of being employed at a grocery store severely diminish.

A Doctor or Healthcare Person - People will get sick. It's a factoid of irrevocable proof. As long as people keep getting sick, there's going to be a need for a doctor of some sort. I imagine if the human being became a vegan or if they became a vegetarian that the need for a doctor would slide by the wayside. If I was a doctor, I'd be really upset if people never got sick. How in the world would you pay back those student loans from all that schooling?

A Waste Management Technician - Sure, I'm a little biased here since I'm a living, breathing example of this...example. No matter if people eat OR get sick, I'm still in business. I don't care if they stuff themselves at the All-You-Can-Eat buffett line, pass out from too many games of beer bowling, infected by E-Coli, or have a bad case of IBS...I'm a happy man and can put food on the table. See there...even I keep myself in business! Is there a more secure job anywhere on earth?

A Ticket Stub Ripper Upper Person - Hey, we all go to the movies or we know someone that has gone to the movies. Every time you go you see the same All-American lad or laddee ripping the ticket stubs. As long as there are movie theatres, there will be ticket stub ripper upper's. It's a known fact. How many times have you sat in a theatre with an unripped ticket stubbed? Has it ever happened? I didn't think so. I'm curious as to if there's any training involved or is this something that's kinda learned on the fly. All I know is that I can't see my movie without passing by these people.

There's probably a lot of secure jobs out there. I just thought it was a nice discussion to share. Maybe you're one of these people. If so...thanks.


First Blog

I have created what's called a blog. For those new to the Internets, a blog is a simple posting or thought added to a board such as this one. These will be random thoughts, various rants, deep thoughts, etc.

I hope to keep this interesting in order to have the reader look forward to more future blogs.

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